Top 5 Mistakes in Logo Design


There is no doubt that logo design is a highly specialised field that has the power to do magical things. Despite this however, many companies feel that it is cheaper and faster to throw something together themselves. Worse still, without understanding the basic principles behind logos, fonts, colours and elements are chosen in a rush, leading to a less than perfect result.

A badly designed logo can have a huge impact on your brand – in all the wrong ways. A bad logo makes you look cheap and unprofessional, at best. At  worst, it can cause you lost business or a damaged reputation. How can you be sure that your logo is 100% original and eye-catching for all the right reasons?

Avoid These Logo Design Mistakes

Your logo represents your brand. Created properly, a good logo has the power to make an instant impression. Some of the absolute most important logo design mistakes to avoid include the following:

Taking the DIY approach. First and foremost, it is never a good idea to make your own logo unless you have a solid understanding of design principles such as use of space, fonts, colour and dimensions. A DIY logo sends the worst possible message. Not only will it make your company look cheap, it could also end up costing you far more in the long run when you eventually decide to rebrand.

Relying too much on trends. What is trendy today may not be as fashionable tomorrow. Trends should never be included in the design process. Where logos are concerned, trends are especially dangerous. Instead of trying to be like everyone else, work with a logo designer to create something that is just right for your brand and values. Think about it this way – will your logo still be stylish in a year? What about 10 years? If you answered no to this, it may be time to think carefully about your logo’s longevity.

Using the wrong images. Using stock images or images that are in the wrong format can be devastating. The danger of stock images (whether free or paid) is that many other people can use the same image. If you are using a free image, it may have royalty requirements that apply to how you use it. The last thing you want is a letter from a lawyer suing you for using property that is protected.

Creating an overly complex design. A highly complex logo may look good in a high res image file. But it may not look as good when it is smaller in size. Remember that logos are used in a variety of places. Your website alone has a number of logos used, from the vastly scaled down icon shown in browser tabs, to larger sized logos on your home page. It will also need to be printed on brochures and  business cards without distortion or details being lost.

Choosing the wrong fonts. Fonts are vital to your logo. Choosing a font that is hard to read, very detailed or ornate, or simply not eye-catching can all affect your logo. Stick to clear fonts that can be read in large or small format. Avoid overly fancy fonts or dated fonts such as Comic Sans, which seldom sends a good message unless your business is a play school. Even then, there are many other fonts that look more professional.

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