The Hidden Meaning in Logo Design


Logo design is a complex, often detailed process that incorporates a number of elements. At face value, logos may seem obvious. But many logos have a deeper meaning that is not always as easy to spot. As a way to symbolise your brand, products and values, logos should never be designed without a clear plan in place. A cheap, poorly designed logo can cause your brand serious damage.


How can you be sure that your logo is sending the right message? How can you be sure that you are getting the best possible logo design in Durban or anywhere else in South Africa? For starters, you can take inspiration from the following logos that have hidden messages…


Finding the Hidden Message in Logo Design


Some of our favourite examples of powerful logo design include the following:




This massive e-commerce store is famous for offering everything from A to Z. The logo looks simple at a glance, but if you take a closer look, you will see that its trademark arrow goes from A to Z, reinforcing its message of huge diversity and choice.




Shipping company FedEx meanwhile uses their logo to send a subtle message that is in line with their ability to move products. Between the E and the x, there is a well-disguised arrow. What makes this font so effective is that it is minimal and simple, while still bringing in a hint of meaning through font choice.




NBC’s mascot is so well-known, that the TV giant was once fondly referred to as ‘the peacock network’. It makes sense that this mascot and symbol should be brought into their logo. But the meaning  goes even deeper than that, too. Each colour represents the different channels offered by the network, from News, to Sports, Entertainment, Stations, Networks and and Productions.


Le Tour de France


The famous French cycle race has a clever logo that brings in a cyclist as well as bicycle wheel, depending on which way you look at the logo. The use of fonts and typography offers plenty of ways to bring in meaning to your logo design.


Spartan Golf Club


Negative space is an effective way to add meaning to your logo. This golf club has a powerful logo that shows a golfer in mid-swing, as well as a Spartan helmet. The result is a dual meaning logo that still manages to be simple and clean.


Pittsburgh Zoo

pitsburgh zoo

Pittsburgh Zoo in Pennsylvania  has a beautiful, clever logo that also uses negative space. At one angle, the logo appears to focus on a large tree, with birds flying overhead. Take another look, and you notice a lion and a gorilla within the logo as well.


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