7 Benefits of Branded Promotional Products


If you’re looking for a highly effective way to market your business, branded promotional products are well worth considering. These products can be tailored to your needs, with a wide range of products to consider. Whether you are thinking about branded mugs for a once-off promotion, branded pens to give out instead of business cards, or promotional merchandise such as t-shirts, caps or USB sticks, there are many advantages enjoyed by this type of marketing material.

What makes branded promotional products a must-have for your business? Let’s have a look at some of the unique benefits offered by branded promo products.

Why Invest in Branded Promotional Products?

Some of the biggest benefits of branded promotional products include the following:

1) Enhanced brand loyalty.

Free gifts are a great way to drive loyalty. When your new customers or valued clients are presented with a branded product that is genuinely useful, they will not only keep your company front of mind, they will also appreciate the gesture of your gift. Customers that feel a connection to your brand are far more likely to spread the word to others while staying loyal to your brand.

2) Effective lead generation.

Unlike paper-based products, such as brochures, which are often tossed or forgotten about quickly, promotional products are used and viewed on a regular basis. Items such as caps and t-shirts have a long lifespan that helps to nurture leads on an ongoing basis. When promo products include a call to action, such as website link or contact number, people viewing the product are more likely to become valid leads.

3) Increased enthusiasm.

A great example of how branded products can generate enthusiasm and even brand passion is the personalised Coca-Cola soft drink campaign. Here in South Africa, a large number of name tins were produced. In the UK, customers could call a hotline to request a personalised name on a Coke bottle. A massive number of personalised bottles were produced, which lead to an increase in brand interactions and brand perception.

4) Improved relationships and engagement.

Handing out branded gifts can help to build relationships and drive engagement. When products are chosen carefully and branding is done in a way that continues the brand identity across products, website and other material such as flyers, business cards and brochures, the result is a better level of engagement and trust. Rewarding customers with a well-chosen gift will make them feel valued and involved.

5) Better customer retention.

Rewarding existing customers can also help to increase customer retention. It costs far more to attract new customers than it does to retain current customers. Investing in your customers and rewarding their loyalty is the best way to ensure optimal retention. Tangible, personalised products are especially useful as a retention tool.

6) Cost-effective marketing strategy.

From an impressions point of view, branded products can be a very cost-efficient marketing strategy that has a far higher reach compared to printed materials that may be viewed once or twice by a limited number of people. Branded products are often worn by customers, which expands their reach even further. Active marketing strategies such as branding are often more effective than passive strategies, too.

7) Functional marketing.

Branded merchandise is also highly functional. Often, corporate gifts are passed from person to person. A branded t-shirt may be worn by more than one person in a family, while a branded pen may be used by more than one person in an office, for example. A branded notebook may be given to a child, co-worker or friend, and a t-shirt or cap may be given away or donated to a charity shop when no longer in use. This further increases the reach of branded promo products.

To find out more about how branded promotional products in Durban and surrounds help your business, contact Minuteman Press Pinetown today.

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