5 Printed Banners and Their Uses

There is no doubt that printed banners offer a valuable marketing tool for trade shows, events and general marketing purposes. With a variety of banner types available, how do you go about choosing the best banner to suit your unique needs, you may be wondering? In this guide, we take a look at the most commonly used printed banners to get a better idea of how each is used.

How to Choose Printed Banners

Choosing between printed banners can be confusing at the best of times. To help you determine the best banner for your needs, we’ve put together a list of the main types of  marketing banner and their uses.

1) Hanging Banners

This type of banner is tough, durable and ideal for outdoor promotions, such as sporting events. Banners are printed according to your specifications, with corners and edges fitted with metal eyelets. Rope is looped through each eyelet, and the banner is hung to trees, lampposts or other structures. Due to its stability, and the fact that most hanging banners are made of high quality PVC, these banners are best suited to outdoor areas or high wind areas that require a sturdier banner.

Polytwil Banners-poly-twill-hanging-banner2

2) Roll Up Banners

These banners are rolled up inside a cylinder and come with a metal stand. When the banner is unrolled, it is hooked to the stand. Most of these banners are long and rectangular in shape. They are ideal for indoor events, working well when used within shop displays, exhibition stands and other indoor venues. They are not always strong enough for outdoor use, however, and may get blown down if used in windy areas.


3) X-Frame Banners

X-frame banners are also ideal for indoor promotion. Similar to roll up banners, they can stand on their own, with no structure or wall required for support. This banner uses an x-shaped frame that reinforces the banner and keeps it standing upright. They are often long and rectangular in shape. As they can blow over, they are not ideal for outdoor use.


4) Flying Banners

Flying banners are an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor events in areas that are relatively sheltered. These banners can be placed along pathways, outside shops, adjacent to trade show booths, in conference lobbies and in various other locations, making them versatile for many events. They are easy to see, with a flag type shape that works especially well with angular designs. As they are displayed on their own stands, they may not be ideal in areas that are very windy.


5) Large Format Banners

Another option that can be suitable for both indoor and outdoor events is a large format banner. Large format printing is done on specialised equipment that is designed for sizes that exceed traditional specifications. A larger than life banner placed on an open wall has high visibility and impact, making it ideal for special events that require more exposure. These banners are typically mounted to structures or walls to ensure that they are stable and secure.


Whatever your banner requirements may be, the Minuteman Press Pinetown team is here to assist. We provide premium printing solutions for a diverse range of requirements. We can also assist with any additional marketing material needs you may have, from brochures to business cards.  Get in touch to find out more about printed banners in Durban and surrounds.

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