10 Crazy Things You Can Brand

God Almighty

Branded promotional items do not have to be limited to t-shirts, key rings and other conventional items. With a bit of imagination and creative thinking, almost anything can be branded. In this guide, we share some of the most interesting branded promotional items to give you a bit of inspiration for your next campaign.

You can brand just about anything these days. Check out these fun, strange and amazing branded promotional items to see just how big your imagination can get when it comes to branding.

1/ Drones

Branded drone

Promotional drones are a fun way to promote an event, especially if they come in a wide range of colours that further add to their appeal. Drones have become popular with people of all ages, across every demographic. Just be sure that you gift this item wisely –there are a few privacy laws to consider when it comes to flying drones in South Africa.

2/ Wheatgrass

Checkers plan and pots



If you have a food, health or sustainability business, wheat grass seeds offer a great gift idea. The packaging of this seed contains is made of sustainable, reusable, recyclable, biodegradable or compostable material. The wheatgrass can easily grow, staying in its branded pot. The pot can be kept on desks or in kitchens to be used for smoothies and other treats.

3/ Straws


A yoga studio in China came up with a very clever way to brand straws. The bendy nature of the straw was perfect to display a person doing yoga. If you do choose straws, make sure that you make them reusable to avoid adding more plastic to the planet. High quality PET plastic, glass and metal all workwell for this purpose.

4/ Gadget Strips 


Gadget strips are made to easily pick up mobile phones and other devices using magnetic strips. This item would be ideal for technological industries that sell mobile phones or other devices. It would also work well for digital marketing companies and similar businesses.

5/ Mister Fans 


Keeping customers cool in the hot summer months, these fans are practical and memorable. They can be used at home or taken to the beach. The great thing about this type of gadget is that it will be used on a regular basis, summer after summer.

6/ Flip Flops

                        castle slops

Branded slops are also a fun idea for summer. These can be great for kids and adults clothing stores, footwear stores, fashion designers and many other businesses. Like the misters, slops are practical. If the branding is subtle, they will be worn even more frequently.

7/ Tissue Boxescartruck_tissue

This is definitely a more unusual branded item. Not only is the box branded –it is also designed to look like a delivery van. This would be a fantastic idea for home removal companies, delivery services, logistic companies, car rental companies, car sales companies and even chauffeurs and similar businesses.

8/ Water Pistolssquirt-gun

Great for kids toy stores, clothing lines, family businesses and any other type of business that has a playful nature at heart, branded water pistols are great fun for all ages. These are also ideal for summer promotions. Although the branding is small, this item will get plenty of use, making it highly effective for visibility.

9/ Sweets


Just about everyone loves sweets. Branded sweet wrappers are sure to make a good impression for a promotion. They can also be used at events, for important meetings with stakeholders and for various other promotional activities. Although the sweets are eaten quickly and the wrappers discarded, people are sure to remember something so unusual.

10/ Snow Globes

                                          volvo globe

Finally, another fun and unusual way to brand your business is a branded snow globe. These make great desk ornaments, lasting for many years. If you keep the branding subtle, this will be something that stays with the recipient for a very long time. How can you take your branding to the next level? If you’re looking for high quality branded promotional items in Durban, Minuteman Press Pinetown is here to assist. 

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