Use Corporate Clothing to Boost your Brand Identity


Did you know that the Trappist Trail, a series of mission stations built by Trappist monks roughly a century ago, starts in Pinetown?

Corporate clothing has gone through a complete evolution. From the ugly and restrictive uniforms of decades ago, we now have fashionable, comfortable and sophisticated items that make corporate clothing a great perk to have. Here is how these items go a long way in boosting your brand’s identity:

  • Brings employees closer together

Corporate clothing unites the workers in a business. It gives them something to distinguish themselves from other workers in the region, it eliminates the stress involved in buying and deciding what to wear every day and it places everyone on the same level. This can spill over into company branding objectives by boosting morale and creating cohesion among the staff.

  • Puts your Brand out there

If your staff is wearing corporate clothing to work, then they are undoubtedly seen in these items when they are out-and-about as well. Designing great looking and great fitting corporate clothing that can be worn to sporting events and social functions will raise your brand awareness to the public. People who see your logo and corporate colours will be able to experience the enthusiasm of your corporate culture, which will contribute to your brand identity and brand-building goals.

  • Endears you to your customers 

When you invest in items that reflect your corporate culture, it will create a golden thread that ties your company’s corporate culture with the faces that customers see at your place of business. The colour scheme, designs and patterns that you choose will establish authority and trust in your brand.

Get in touch with Minuteman Press, a leading printing company in Pinetown specialising in branded Barron company clothing. 

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