2018 Printing Trends


As we get a bit further into the new year, these 2018 printing trends are showing just how much the print industry is set to adapt over the course of the year. Each year, a number of trends help to continue the consistent evolution of print as a medium. This year, we are looking forward to a number of trends that will shape the industry, from the increased fusion of print and digital to colour trends, texture trend, personalised direct mail campaigns and new trends in large format printing.


Keep reading to get our insights into the biggest 2018 printing trends to watch this year, so that you can get inspired for your upcoming campaigns.


2018 Printing Trends to Watch


Some of the most interesting 2018 printing trends to keep an eye on this year include the following:


Print and digital fusion

The lines between print and digital have continued to blur, resulting in an increased move towards fusion in 2018. Many businesses incorporate social media addresses on their business cards, while other businesses drive engagement through audience interaction with printed materials. If you are not keeping both print and digital in mind when designing creative resources, now is the time to start doing so, as we continue to see a fusion between these two channels.


Use of colour.

A look at the Pantone 2018 colour trends shows us just how much of a role colour plays in the world around us. According to Pantone, blue and orange indicate resourcefulness, yellow indicates playfulness, gold indicates discretion, pink indicates delicateness and rosy tones embrace diverse cultures. A move from pastels toward brighter tones is expected this year, with iridescent colour palettes and bold shades being used in various print projects.


Use of texture.


Texture is another trend to watch. Touch or haptic memory can have a strong impact on the human brain, helping to resonate on a deeper level than sight, sound or scent. Tap into haptic memory by using rich textures on your marketing material, such as wood grain, matte finish, debossing, raised ink, folds, and embossed detail. Flyers, postcards, business cards and other printed sales material that has an additional sensory element are ideal for helping to keep your brand front of mind.


Meaningful mail campaigns.

As direct mail begins to reach saturation point, campaigns need to be more meaningful than ever before in order to engage audiences. To see a genuine return on your direct mail investment, aim for engaging, personalised campaigns. Think about how you can resonate with a smaller percentage of your target audience rather than how you can send out bulk messages to a wider audience. This is the best way to drive results with flyers and other printed material mail drops.


Soft signage.


Incorporating banners, flags, tablecloths and other materials, soft signage is on the rise. This type of large format printing uses soft materials that are ideal for trade shows and POP displays. A number of these displays are integrating SEG (silicone edge graphics) and similar solutions, which are set to become more popular in the year ahead.


While the Minuteman Press Pinetown team is more focused on providing our customers with the best level of quality and service than blindly following trends, we continue to find inspiration in the changing face of print marketing in Durban and surrounds. These 2018 printing trends are testament to how the industry continues to adapt, and we can’t wait to see what the future will bring.

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